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Gallery Visionary • Patricia Arroyo

Patricia Arroyo

Patricia Arroyo


American Artist

New York School of Visual Arts 

With over three decades of artistic exploration, my work is a testament to a journey fueled by curiosity and experimentation. Rooted in the embrace of natural influences, my creations unfold as a harmonious dance between femininity and spirituality, offering a glimpse into the profound connections that shape my artistic expression.

My artistic journey was ignited under the guidance of my grammar school art teacher, a mentor for nine transformative years who sparked the flame of my artistic identity. Introduced to the captivating world of Andrew Wyeth, specifically captivated by the poignant narrative of "Christina's World," I found resonance in her struggles, mirroring my own childhood reflections. The rich tapestry of my influences extends to the diverse realms of Picasso, German expressionist painters, and the intricate narratives of outsider artists such as Henry Darger. Later, my four-year tenure at the New York School of Visual Arts deepened my artistic kinship with luminaries like Luca Bavoli, Peter Herstoff, and Elena Sisto, whose influence continues to thread seamlessly through my present creations.

Embarking on a spiritual odyssey over 30 years ago, my artistic awakening gained profound momentum 15 years ago amid near-death experiences and a visceral rekindling of life's essence. This transformative journey birthed a kaleidoscope of creations—mandalas, hamsas, nature's beauty, and portraits of higher consciousness—each taking on a life of its own.

My artistic process unfolds with loose foundations, initial sketches translating onto canvases. Yet, the true magic emerges in layers of acrylic paint, mediums, and self-designed stencils, weaving repeated patterns into a canvas that gains autonomy. Immersed in a deep meditative state, the culmination often eludes memory.

The artistic finale incorporates collage techniques—watercolors carefully cut and placed—alongside crystals and jewels. This deliberate integration infuses energy and light, culminating in works where the journey of creation becomes inseparable from the art itself.


Healing Art

Nature Scenes
Artwork Workshops
Custom Mandalas

Sacred Geometry

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