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The Locals Art Space gallery is an adaptable space with flexibility for classes, workshops and events. The open floor plan can accommodate a variety of holistic happenings and artistic forums. Weather permitting, the outdoor area almost quadruples the square footage.


Members receive priority and a reduced rate when reserving the gallery.


Non-members may also book the gallery for events. All reservations are based on a first-come, first-serve availability. 

For more information about booking the Locals Art Space gallery, please email localsartspace@mail.com or contact us (732) 233-3400.

Also, kindly fill out the reservation form.

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Monthly Shows

Locals Art Space exhibits are held monthly with the opening reception typically taking place on the first Saturday of the month.


We invite you to submit your work, stop by and enjoy local art, and support a local artist by purchasing their work.

Are you a member interested in submitting for one or more upcoming exhibitions?

Please monitor the private membership Facebook Group and view our Calls for Art page.


Not a member yet? Participation information HERE

Classes + Workshops

Member artists who offer classes at LAS are masters at their particular craft.  We are honored to have them shari their expertise.


Since we are a tiny space, seating is limited, so we encourage you to grab a spot as soon as possible.

Have a suggestion about a class or workshop? Let us know.

Send us an email localsartspace@mail.com.

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Locals Art Space shares art and event information online via our Facebook page. Like and follow our page to stay connected!


Love beautiful art images? Check out and follow our Instagram feed.


Subscribe to our Youtube Channel and view virtual art exhibitions and workshops online.

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